Mirena (IUD) and my experience.

In this blog post I wanted to talk about the Mirena, what it is, how it works, and the side effects. I am also going to be talking about my personal experience having the Mirena. If you want to skip all the information about the Mirena and just want to read about my personal experience… Continue reading Mirena (IUD) and my experience.



In the last few months I have watched the Me too movement spread worldwide. Now its making a huge impact in Australia. Many strong people have shared their stories and are trying to make a difference. Now there is the Times up movement. Seeing this unfold and listening to people's stories has touched me deeply,… Continue reading #MeToo


Trying to get through my schooling career while having Endometriosis.

Going to school, and trying to keep good grades, and attendance with Endometriosis has been a very big struggle for me. I am going to write about my experience since getting my period in primary school all the way through to being diagnosed with Endometriosis and studying in University. It’s important for people to understand… Continue reading Trying to get through my schooling career while having Endometriosis.


My Journey With Endometriosis

2009 My Endometriosis journey started at the mere age of 11 when I got my first period. Periods for me were extremely heavy, and debilitating. 2012 When I was 14 my mother suggested to me that I could have Endometriosis and explained what it was. I went to a General Practitioner and they told me… Continue reading My Journey With Endometriosis