March is Endometriosis Awareness Month.

March is Endometriosis awareness month. It is important woman and their loved ones suffering from this disease are heard and supported.

Endometriosis harms 1 in 10 women’s capability to;

1: Work continuously and efficiently

2: Complete educational studies

3: Interact with friends and be in social settings

4: Be intimate with a partner

5: Be physically active

6: Potentially have children

7: Be financially secure

8: Escape pain

A lot has happened to me in this past year with my Endometriosis journey. I’m not ashamed to talk of my experiences, because people need to understand this disease and take it seriously.

Last year I had two emergency procedures, went to hospital through emergency three times in one week. My bowels were continuously bleeding and my body wouldn’t tolerate any type of food. Which caused me to lose around 10kg of weight.  I had severe nerve pain in the left side of my lower abdomen, which sent pain shooting off into multiple different places in my body. There were days I couldn’t walk, dry myself off after having a shower, or dress myself.

University wouldn’t let me defer because I had to of finished at least one unit that term to do so, so they advised I had to be dropped from the program all together and then try reapplying the next year.

I had to take weeks off of work, which made me feel like a burden to my team. I was supposed to be there to help with the workload but I couldn’t. Thankfully my workplace was incredibly understanding and I do still maintain my job at current.

Financially all of my money was going towards medication, appointments, and mental and physical therapies.

Amongst all of this I completely lost my mind and became withdrawn. I slept for around two hours everyday and was extremely anxious from my pain, and became depressed. My GP referred me to a Psychiatrist who put me on medication and diagnosed me with severe depression and C-PTSD from my prolonged trauma.

My fiance had to watch all of this unfold and I wish I could take away all the pain that this caused him. Same to my family members that were there to witness everything I endured within this past year.

To be able to try and function I rely on daily medication to manage my pain throughout the day, my OB/GYN specialist , my GP, a Psychiatrist, a Therpist, and a Pelvic Physiotherapist.

This year I hope to mend things, with work and to go back to studying. To support my partner, and be there for my friends and family.

Just because someone doesn’t look sick from the outside, doesn’t mean they are not. Every individual is going through their own type of pain.

From this post I hope everyone can take away the message of supporting and checking on your loved ones. And to believe people with invisible illnesses…


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