In the last few months I have watched the Me too movement spread worldwide. Now its making a huge impact in Australia. Many strong people have shared their stories and are trying to make a difference. Now there is the Times up movement. Seeing this unfold and listening to people’s stories has touched me deeply, and it is something I would like to discuss.

I know this is a Blogging website about Endometriosis, but this subject is important to me.

When I was a young child I was sexually assaulted by a family friend, and my family found me and saved me before it could be taken all the way. Then when I was a teenager I was raped by someone I thought cared about me. I kept it to myself for a long time and carried the pain with me.

I remember sitting in the shower ripping at my skin because I felt disgusting and I couldn’t get clean. Sleeping became difficult, and when I finally fell a sleep I would dream about what had happened. I would then wake up balling my eyes out, and get severe anxiety. I suffered from anxiety a lot. Being anywhere near men terrified me and would stress me out. For a long time I was ashamed and I felt like damaged goods.

Eventually I spoke up about what had happened to me. My doctor referred me to a Psychologist and Gynaecologist. I received help for what had happened to me and I am thankful that I was fortunate enough to work through my assault. What happened to me will always stay with me though.

In Australia there was a 3.3% increase in sexual assault victims from 20,025 in 2013 to a five year high of 20,677 in 2014.

During 2014 in Australia:

  • The sexual assault victimisation increased to a five year high of 88 victims per 100,000 persons.
  • The majority of sexual assault victims 83% or 17,072% were female.
  • Persons aged 19 years and under accounted 60% 12,446 of all victims of sexual assault.
  • Over a quarter 29% or 1,014 victims of male sexual assault were aged 0-9 years.
  • Over two thirds 68% or 14,105 victims of sexual assault occurred at a residential location.
  • 41% of all sexual assault investigations 8,507 were finalised by police within 30 days.


  • The CDC estimates that approximately 1 in 6 boys and 1 in 4 girls are sexually abused before the age of 18.
  • Global estimates published by WHO indicate about 1 in 3 (35%) of women worldwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual intimate partner or non partner violence in their lifetime.

This is not okay, and it is time for people to stand up against this issue. We need to educate people, and we need this to be taken very seriously.

Please if you have been assaulted, or are still being assualted, speak to someone and get help. Don’t ever think that what has happened to you is your fault and that you’re less of a human being. You’re strong, beautiful, and you’re worth it.

I have attached links to different organisations, and their numbers.



1800 737 732

Kids Helpline


1800 551 800

Beyond Blue


1300 224 636

Thank you for taking the time to read this you beautiful souls.

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