What exercises you can do for Endometriosis.

In this blog post, I wanted to talk about what type of exercises you can do for endometriosis. Now I’m not saying that you can’t do certain exercises or ones that you want, I am just recommending.

Exercise is extremely important for your overall health, and for endometriosis. When you have this disease, exercising regularly reduces the amount of estrogen your body releases. Since the goal is to lesser your estrogen when you have endo, it can be quite beneficial to workout.

Exercise also releases endorphins which are ‘happy’ chemicals for your brain, and these chemicals also help alleviate pain. When you work out it improves the blood flow to your organs, and this is important because blood carries oxygen and nutrients to different body systems. Exercise also helps with circulation.

What exercises can you do and are recommended for endometriosis?

• It helps release the pelvis and provide relief.
• Increases flexibility.
• Improves muscle strength.
• Improves respiration, and energy.
• Weight reduction.
• Cardio and circulatory health.
• Protection from injury.
• Creates mental clarity and calmness.
• Body awareness.

Pilates ( If you have tight, tender, and spasming pelvic muscles do not do Pilates because it will make it worse)
• Provides focused exercises on the pelvic floor muscles.
• Improves flexibility.
• Increased muscle strengths in areas like the abdomen, lower back, hips, and bum.
• Balances muscle strength throughout your body.
• Stabilisation of the spine.
• Rehabilitation of joints.
• Increased lung capacity.
• Stress management and relaxation.
• Body awareness.

• Low impact exercise therapy for some injuries and illnesses.
• Offers a gentle way to improve strength, and tone muscles.
• Keeps your heart rate up but takes some of the impact stress off your body.
• Builds endurance.
• Cardiovascular fitness.
• Helps maintain a healthy weight.
• Improves balance.
• Alleviates stress and is a form of relaxation.
• Improves joint mobility and is gentle on them.

Pelvic floor exercises
• Improves bladder and bowel control.
• Strengthens pelvic muscles.
• Improves recovery from childbirth or gynaecological surgery.
• It also improves sexual sensation and orgasmic potential.

Cycling ( Again if you have tight, tender or spasming pelvic muscles do not do cycling)
• Improves cardiovascular fitness.
• Increases muscle strength.
• Helps with flexibility.
• Decreases stress levels.
• Strengthens bones.
• Improves coordination.
• Decreases body fat.
• Prevents or manages diseases or injuries.
• Low impact exercise.
• Improves joint mobility.
• Reduces anxiety and depression.

Running ( Only do running if you’re physically ready)
• Can be a high impact exercise.
• Increases endurance.
• Strengthens muscles.
• Maintains body weight.
• Decreases body fat.
• Cardiovascular fitness.
• Strengthens the heart.
• Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.
• May help you have lighter periods.
• Lowers estrogen levels.

I hope that this has explained what each exercise helps with, and helped given ideas and inspiration. I tried to add diversity, because different exercises may cater to others more. If you have already found a workout that suits you and really helps with your endometriosis, then please keep doing it. Also, I would highly recommend talking to your doctor about what you’re able to do with your body, and what exercises best cater to you, due to your illness. Physical therapy may be a good option if you aren’t at the stage of exercising on your own yet. It is important to take your time and don’t push yourself, because change doesn’t happen overnight, its a journey. Don’t hate yourself when you have a couple of hiccups and fall off the wagon for a bit. We all do it. Also, just try and have fun with what you’re doing and it won’t feel like something you have to do. Embrace the journey and love yourself.

Personally, for myself running, yoga, and swimming have been the best therapeutic exercises for myself. Running is something I have been addicted to doing since I was a child. I do fall off the wagon with running when my endometriosis is bad and I need surgery. Running makes my period lighter, makes me happy and gives me clarity, strengthens and tones my muscles, gives me good cardiovascular fitness, and helps with my endurance. I just love, love, love running and hitting the pavement.

Some of my personal photos, the first one is before I had my surgeries, and most of the others too.

Thank you for taking the time to read this you beautiful souls.

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