Foods to avoid when you have Endometriosis and Paleo Diet.

In this post I wanted to talk about diet. Diet plays a very important part in our health and fuels our body with all the good nutrients it needs. A bad diet can lead to heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, liver damage, irritable bowel syndrome, fat on our organs, tooth decay, slow metabolism, weak bones etc. Not only does it reflect on the inside but it also reflects on the outside, like our hair, skin, nails, the bags under our eyes, acne, cellulite, etc.

Personally, myself when I eat certain (naughty) foods, especially with having endometriosis I feel low in energy, fatigued, headaches, my abdomen swells up (endo belly), and I get chronic pain.
If you’re suffering with an illness, it is so important to have a balanced diet and one that is suited to your needs. Speak to a dietician or your doctor and figure out the best foods to fuel your body with and help with your illness.

What to avoid when you have endometriosis?
• Avoid alcohol (It affects how estrogen is metabolized in the body).
• Soy is mildly estrogenic.
• Eat only hormone free meat to avoid any additional estrogen.
• Eliminate dairy foods, because they’re inflammatory, may contain hormones, and preservatives.
• Avoid processed, preserved, sugary, or artificial food or drink.
• Try not to consume too much high protein, or red meats.
• Avoid inflammatory foods, especially ones you know bloat you.
• Cut out soft drinks.
• Eliminate caffeine because it can increase your estrogen. If you’re a caffeine drinker and find it hard to cut out, maybe try reducing your intake.


What is a Paleo Diet?
The Paleo Diet is based on our hunter-gatherer ancestors. They lived off eating whole and unprocessed foods. Our ancestors didn’t suffer from diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease etc, due to having a well-balanced diet. Many studies suggest that this certain diet is very beneficial to a person’s overall health.

What can you eat on a Paleo Diet?
• Grass fed meats, and lean meats.
• Fish and seafood.
• Vegetables.
• Fruits.
• Tubers.
• Nuts and seeds.
• Healthy fats and oils.
• Salt and spices.
Always try and choose organic, or grass fed. If you can’t, read the labels and choose the best option with the least amount of preservatives etc.
What you can’t eat?
• Sugar and High fructose corn syrup.
• Grains.
• Legumes.
• Dairy.
• Vegetable oils.
• Trans fat.
• Artificial sweeteners.
• Highly processed foods.

Always look at the labels of what you’re buying, and try and educate yourself on what everything means. It is completely fine to have a little treat every now and then, but try your best to look after your overall health with your diet. Balance is key.
Thank you to you beautiful souls that took the time to read this.

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