My Horrible classroom experience. Period Vs Teacher

This issue I would like to speak about is a really mentally/emotionally scarring experience for me. It’s something I have kept to myself for a long time. This experience happened to me in grade 8 in my freshman year of high school. I was on my period, and it was an extremely painful and heavy one. I was bleeding through my pad, underwear and pants. Luckily our school uniform pants were dark navy blue. I was in class when it started to bleed through my pants. I went to my teacher and told them I needed to urgently go to the toilet. Their response to me was that I should of gone during the break. I then tried to explain that I was having lady issues and it was important that I go to the toilet. The teacher didn’t care and said I can wait until class finished, and to go sit back down in my seat. I felt completely humiliated. Class didn’t finish for another hour. Throughout the rest of the lesson I could feel myself literally sitting in my period and my pants felt wet. Finally the class ended, and I just wanted to run away and go home, but that wasn’t the end of it. The teacher made us put our chairs on top of our desks, since it was the end of the day, and I had bled out onto my chair. I lifted it up and put it on my desk feeling completely embarrassed. The teacher quickly glanced at my chair and said nothing. I ran out of the class room and to the toilet. Cleaned myself up and then quickly made my way to the bus. I was so traumatised from the experience, and humiliated. I feel like there is a lot of issues in the school systems when it comes to children’s needs. When a student says they need to go to the bathroom let them. Especially if it’s a girl having lady problems. When did teachers stop caring about the students they’re teaching? Looking back on it now, I feel like I should of done something about it with my parents and stood up for other students going through similar situations. For other girls that are still in school and have endometriosis, or just experiencing horrible periods please look after yourself, stand up for yourself, and remember you’re never alone. Don’t ever feel embarrassed about what you’re going through. Thank you for taking the time to read this, you beautiful souls.

1 thought on “My Horrible classroom experience. Period Vs Teacher”

  1. This is so hearbreaking and I feel your pain. 12 years on since leaving school, and I have some similar memories. I especially remember the one where my PE teacher chastised me because I had my period for two weeks in a row. “Its impossible” she said, “nice work trying to fake it and get out of sport” in front of the class. I skipped the next two PE classes and low and behold the following one it happened again. My teacher was so unsupportive and embarrassed me, and made me feel like i had a problem. I dream of a day when students (boys and girls alike) are aware of this chronic illness, and take it more seriously!
    Good work on being vocal about it xx


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