Zoladex Injections (Drug Therapy) And My Personal Experience

What is Zoladex used for?

Zoladex is used in men to treat symptoms of prostate cancer. Zoladex is also used in women to treat breast cancer or endometriosis.

How does it treat Endometriosis?

This drug therapy can be used for up to 6 months before or after surgery. Zoladex will basically shut your ovaries off, so you stop ovulating. It is approved to manage Endometriosis. It reduces endometrial lesions, pain, and thins the lining of the uterus (endometrium).

How does it work?

The hormone oestrogen causes endometrial lesions to thicken, break down, and bleed during menstruation. The majority of oestrogen is produced by the ovaries. This drug therapy is used to stop oestrogen production by the ovaries, which prevents menstruation. Without oestrogen, the growth of endometrial tissue will slow down and may shrink.

How is Zoladex taken?

Zoladex is injected by your specialist or GP just under the skin in the lower abdominal area below the belly button. The implant from the injection dissolves and releases the drug slowly over a month until your next injection. Zoladex is to be given once a month.

What are the side effects?

• Hot flushes
• Vaginitis
• Headaches
• Decreased interest in sex
• Hair loss
• Sweating
• Muscle aches/cramps
• Shrinkage of breasts
• Heightened emotions
• Vaginal Dryness
• Depression and anxiety
• Swelling due to fluid accumulation


My personal experience with Zoladex injections. (Drug therapy)


My specialist started me on Zoladex injections for 6 months, after I had recovered from my laparoscopy surgery. He gave me my first injection and said it was fine for my GP to give me the rest. The needle was huge, like a horse needle. It was also blunt. Patients have to be given a local anaesthetic needle before because the needle head is so large it can be quite painful. I felt light headed after it, and felt like I had sea legs. My stomach bruised and swelled up for two weeks after, where it had been done. I started experiencing horrific side effects about a month in, and got them almost everyday. Which included:

• Headaches
• Hot flushes
• Vaginal dryness
• Muscle aches/cramps
• Sweating
• Heightened emotions
• Depression and anxiety
• Hair loss

I felt completely all over the place. My head definitely wasn’t in the right mind set and my body wasn’t reacting well. I dreaded having to go back to the doctor every month to get injected. The local anaesthetic stung, and the Zoladex bruised me for weeks after and left my abdomen swollen.

Amongst all of this though my endometriosis symptoms were decreasing and I had hardly any pain to deal with. Finally I felt like I had something to look forward to after this therapy ended and I could get my life back on track. Everything was falling into place for me. I thought I wouldn’t have to continue my battle with endometriosis for a long time. Even though my endometriosis did grow back shortly after.

Everyone experiences things differently, I will say that. Some women may not even experience any of those side effects, some may just experience a couple, while others may experience it all. Unfortunately I was one of the women that experienced mostly all of the side effects. Zoladex has helped a lot of people though and some women don’t have to worry about their endometriosis growing back for a very long time. It’s just up to how your body reacts to the drug therapy. I can’t say if I would recommend this or not, because it’s all up to personal preference. Before taking this treatment speak to your specialist about all the ins and outs of it. Do a lot of thinking and research before deciding.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, you beautiful souls.

P.S. This is what the needle looks like.


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